Garage Door Repair Vienna VA

A very frequent type of maintenance work that is often overlooked by the typical household relates to the garage door and its main components. It is often advised that they garage is provided with an ongoing service to make certain it is able to continue to operate in a high state of repair. Also, by implementing a regular schedule of maintenance you are more likely to pick up on potential problems which can be dealt with by our Vienna garage door as soon as possible. If a particular part of the garage is left to completely fail, such as the high tension springs, this has the potential to cause significant harm to those in the close vicinity.

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Garage Door safety issues Vienna VA

If you mechanically minded and planning on implementing the required schedule of maintenance by yourself, then consider the safety aspects that relate to this particular type of work. Firstly, in the general operation of opening and closing the garage door, it is vital that the door is kept clear of any objects, especially the little ones and family pets. Also, it is vital to keep the hands free and clear of the moving parts, such as the panels in the door, springs, etc. In addition, if you do come across a problem with the garage door or its components, then you might wish to attempt a self repair if it is a minor fault or within your capabilities. However, in order to remain safe it generally benefits to contact our Vienna garage door professionals for the more significant issues who will be able to implement the repairs on your behalf.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Vienna VA

One of the key aspects that our Vienna  garage door technician will be required relates to problems with the high tension springs. This vital component is involved in the opening and closing process, so therefore needs to be maintained in a high standard at all times. Our specialist will inspect these parts for signs of wear and squeaking. If it is apparent that the springs are starting to squeak when in operation, this issue is generally resolved by using high-quality lubricants, which is applied to the applicable areas. In certain situations the squeaking might persist and in these situations it might be necessary for our mechanics to carry out a more in-depth inspection. It is advisable against tampering with the springs due to the significant amount of tension they are put under. If handled incorrectly they have the potential to cause significant injury.

Vienna VA Garage Door Inspection And Maintenance

In the process of examining the garage door, our Vienna  garage door specialist will give a full and in-depth inspection of all the hardware relating to the safe operation of the garage. A key component that will need to be inspected will relate to the brackets that holds the various parts in place, such as the cables. It is vital that the brackets are kept secure and tight at all times to make certain that the garage is able to continue to operate effectively. If our mechanics do detect brackets that are starting to become loose, they will ensure they are tightened where possible, and if necessary replaced with more hardwearing hinges. In some of the more modern garage installations, the hinges are designed to be tamper resistant, therefore this repair work would need to be left to our qualified repair mechanics.

In addition to the main hardware it will also be necessary to give the cables an in-depth inspection to make certain they are free of signs of deterioration. Our mechanics will inspect the cables to make certain that they are not starting to get excessively worn or showing signs of being frayed. If either of these signs is detected, it will be necessary for our team of Vienna garage door specialist to have the cables replaced with new as soon as possible. It is always advisable not to leave issues with the cables for a later time, as it should they completely fail they are likely to cause damage or injury.

Garage Door Opener Repair And Installation Vienna

If you are using one of the latest motorized garage doors, it will be necessary for our Vienna garage door mechanics to give the sensors a routine inspection. Basically, the sensors are a safety feature which are designed to stop the garage door from closing should an object be underneath it. Due to the fact that these sensors are low to the ground, they do have the potential to be blocked by dirt or debris. It is therefore vital to keep these free and clear of debris buildup at all times. This is generally a routine maintenance issue that can be carried out by the homeowner and isn’t necessary something that our technicians will need to deal with.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Vienna VA

Jun 23, 2015 by Leah Berreck

I hired Vienna Garage Door Company to replace my garage door spring. They are very professional and their price is very affordable. I will totally be using them again.

Vienna Garage Door

Jun 16, 2015 by Sophia McAndrews

I called Vienna Garage Door to replace my broken garage door springs. When the tech Ben arrived at my home, he not only replaced my broken spring, he also replaced my rollers, brackets, pulleys and he did a full tune up on my garage door. Am very satisfied with their service. I will definitely be using them again.

Cobalt Garage Door Services (703)543-9752 320 Maple Ave West #153 Vienna VA, 22180 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 I hired Vienna Garage Door Company to replace my garage door spring. They are very professional and their price is very affordable. I will totally be using them again.
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